About Me

Surya Avala

AI/Machine Learning Engineer with a background in Mechatronic Engineering and Software Development (enterprise & web).

I have always been passionate about Computers and the ability to make them solve problems for us. I value encountering challenging situations, enjoy analyzing & solving problems and seeing the results. The work done by computers tend to have these characteristics in abundance. I am fascinated by that and want to solve as many problems as I can. Code is a by product of this phenomenon.

Over time, I have acquired technical skills to code in Python, C, C++, Perl and few other languages. But again, I value the solving problems more than the tools used for that purpose.

Strong believer in 👉🏾 "AI is the new Electricity".

My Career

Artificial Intelligence Engineer @ Nod.

Developing AI for Financial Advisors.
AI development, BackEnd and DevOps.
Python, Tensorflow, AWS, Docker, PostgreSQL

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Dec 2017 - Present

Machine Learning Engineer @ iungo

Developed Maching Learning models to gain insights from Connected car data.
Machine Learning and DevOps.
Python, Tensorflow, scikit-learn, numpy, pandas, PostgreSQL, AWS

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Apr 2017 - Nov 2017

Software Developer @ Hoosh Marketing

Developed Software products for Marketing Automation.
Software development and DevOps.
Python, REST-API, PHP, bash, Perl, PGSQL

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Oct 2016 - May 2017

Teaching Assistant @ Code Camp

Taught coding to the next generation of Computer Scientists a.k.a kids.
Web, desktop and game development.

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Apr 2016 - Oct 2016

Master's Degree, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science @ UNSW

With a focus on Machine Learning, AI & Data Science.

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Feb 2016 - Jul 2018 (expected)

System Analyst @ SWIFT

Supported, maintained and improved the world's largest financial communications provider.
BackEnd and DevOps.
Python, OracleSQL, HP-unix, zsh, Perl

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Aug 2014 - Feb 2016

B.Eng., Mechatronic Engineering @ CityU of Hong Kong

Graduated with an Honours in Mechatronic Engineering/Robotics & minor in Computer Science.

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Aug 2011 - Jul 2014

Co-Founder & CTO @ Satinos

Successfully founded an Open-Source, EdTech and Web development company to help local businesses realise their dreams.
Open Source, Linux Support, Web Development, Software Development & Contented Management

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Sep 2011 - Jul 2014

Research Assistant @ CityU

Developed an digital drawing software that can interface with Hardware.
Smart Materials in Pervasive Media.
Processing, Arduino, Action Script, Java, C++, Hardware Hacking

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Feb 2014 - Jun 2014

Software Developer Intern @ HSBC

Developed Mobile banking applications on Android & iOS.
Mobile App development.
Java, Objective C, jQuery

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Aug 2013 - Aug 2013

Research Intern @ Simon Fraser University

Investigated the feasibility of Plasma Ions in Gyroscopes.
Research & Electronic Engineering.
Electronics, Microprocessor programming

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May 2013 – Aug 2013

Research Assistant @ CityU

Researched the use of Nano particles in Solar Cells.
Chemical & Electronic Engineering.

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Feb 2012 - Aug 2012

Production Apprentice @ Proton Industries

Production Apprentice in a Salt Manufacturing factory.
Salt Production.
Solar salt production, refining & preservation

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Jun 2009 - May 2011

High School Certificate, Mathematics @ Nalanda College

Graduated with a focus on Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

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Jul 2009

ICSE, Mathematics & Sciences @ Vikasa Vidya Vanam

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education.
Graduated with a focus on Mathematics & Sciences.

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Jul 2007

Open Source

Updates Soon...

Upadting my projects here soon.
In the meantime, feel free to stalk me @Github🤓.

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